Smart Mobile Business App
Webatar works on Andriod and Apple smart phones, multiple modules can be accessed on these devices

Amazing Design
Webatar's simple and easy layout design allows users to easily operate the app

Online and Offline
The smart business app allows the user to insert data online and offline, when in a wifi area to sync data later

What We Do

The Webatar Engine and its modules are brought to the South African market by South Africans! This is designed for South Africa and International markets, providing deeper insights to business conditions than other products that do not fully answer the need of recording time and billing within business environments. Since 1991 Accknowledge Systems has provided SMMEs the benefits of robust software in the finance space with rapid on site and off site support. Webatar was a direct development evolving from requests made by businesses at local and international level.  

How much does it cost?

Based on a yearly fee or monthly fee

Webatar is based on number of Smart users and Engine users Prices are also based on Annual Fee License and is VAT Inclusive Includes upgrades with email and telephonic support Two examples below are based on a 1 to 3 user and 4 to 6 user license Examples below only give first year's license fees, following years have an estimated CPI% increase.

Webatar 1 to 3 Users


R 342/per month




R 4104/per year

Annual billing

Cloud Access

1 to 3 x Device Users

Webatar Engine User Licence

Webatar 4 to 6 Users


R 570 /per month




R 6840 /per year

Annual billing

Cloud Access

4 to 6 x Device Users

Webatar Engine User Licence


R 3 990once off

Information Meeting

Personalised Setup

Data importing

Logo and Employees

Smart Device App

Onsite Training

Online Training Manuals

Applys to 1 to 3 Users and 4 to 6 Users

Is there a place to access manuals?

All manuals are avaiable online through our online support access Manuals come in videos and documents

Is the App on the play store?

Yes the app is available for download on the play store for Android and in the app store for IOS.

What is the best way to contact support?

Support can be contacted by telephone or by email.

Is implementation price refundable?

The implementation price is NON refundable