Webatar Privacy Policy


1.       Webatar is a mix of mobile smart app and back end engine for mobile devices. Developed byAccknowledge Systems who has been in the accounting development market for over 10 years. Webatar is feature rich, fully integrated mobile software package which can either be used online or offline in certain aspects of the app. Webatar smart device app consists of multiple modules which can be turned on and off, synchronizing on the back-end engine of Webaccounting on your server.

Webatar can only be downloaded and utilized by a valid license holder of an Webaccounting software.  Therefore, the application cannot be utilized by the public.

2.       Categories of data collected or processed:

Webatar does not collect data.  The Profile settings are specific to a Company and their authorized representative.

A mobile phone user must grant permission for the Webatar application to make use of the:

a)       Camera:  for purposes of loading images onto the user’s profile, which is then loaded on the back-end engine of the users Webaccounting package.  Only the user, acting as the authorized representative of a Company controls the images.  Webatar does not collect nor process these images for any purposes.

b)      Non-continuous geolocation: Webatar can only access geolocation data when it is needed and used at the request of the user and not continuously running in the background.  This is for the user to tag their specific customer/supplier data and Webatar does not collect nor process any of this data.

c)       Points a) and b) permissions are granted exclusively by user at their own discretion and Webatar does not exercise any control over the data.


3.       No data whatsoever is disclosed to 3rd parties

4.       Updates To Our Policy:

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